About Us


The Learning Bits is a little bit of everything- our experiences, our strategies, lessons we learnt and our undying spirit to strive for success.

It all started in 2019, when we, Team TLB, came together, meeting on various platforms in order to clear exams like Fci, Bank, SSC, LIC etc. We helped eachother by sharing our preparation and at the end, we shared our success too.

The failures, mistakes, disappointments, and at times, sheer ignorance in various aspects of examination made us realise how motivational and valuable guidance can be.

Hence, we decided to keep sharing our experience with equally passionate and hard working future aspirants.
Our only motto is to give you what we hoped we had. Having recently been in the process of preparation, we understand you- your doubts, struggles, pains, now, we want to be a part of your success too.

We promise to be with you in the journey of securing a bright future- every bit of it.

Happy learning,
Team TLB 😊

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