Target for- 28th September

Banking news- Today’s Banking / Financial News at a Glance By- Sushant Kumar, Senior Manager

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Daily CA bits – 26 September

NRA expected to conduct CET from September,2021 onwards: DrJitendra Singh

Daily CA bits-25 September

Daily CA bits- 24 September

Editorial of the day

SBI’s loan recast scheme for your home, auto, education loan
Where did the APMCs go wrong?
Explained Ideas: Why a sharp economic recovery in 2021 can be misleading

Hindi editorial for RRB- 

संयुक्त राष्ट्र में सुधार

Current affairs-September (Wk-1) CA/GA 2020 QUIZ

September (wk 1) current affairs 2020

 August 2020 Current affairs TLB Bits

 August (wk 4) current affairs 2020 & August (WK-4) CA 2020 quiz

August (wk 3) current affairs 2020 & August (WK-3) 2020 CA Test

August (wk 2) current affairs 2020 & August (WK-2) 2020 CA Quiz

August (wk 1) current affairs 2020 & August (wk-1) 2020 CA Quiz

 July 2020 Current affairs TLB Bits


Quant– Quant quiz 64

ReasoningReasoning quiz 63

EnglishEnglish quiz 61

Computer – Computer Awareness Quiz-67

Download- Computer 200 Mcq’s. Part-1 pdf & Computer 200 Mcq’s. Part-2

StaticStatic Awareness Quiz 76

Static awareness PDF -2  & download- Static awareness PDF– 1

Banking awareness- Banking Awareness Quiz-45

Vocab- Vocabulary Quiz 16

It can be very difficult to be focused without maintaining targets and even more when you’re already working!

So, join hand in hand with these targets prepared by us, who have already gone through every challenge and understand what you think and feel. We have been at your place and know the difficulties. So, let’s accomplish what you desire!

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